President’s Message 6 Nov 19


The Old England Hotel wherein we created an Halloween Themed event focussed on one of Rotary’s most significant achievements – Polio Plus. The Club has donated $2,000.00 towards this ongoing global challenge. As we hosted such an event and made the above donation, a 3 to 1 matching donation, courtesy of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation results in our contribution becoming $8,000.00. Something of which this club should be very proud.

The Halloween event itself proved great fun, with a number of members in themed dress, capes,head horns, brooms, tridents etc. all supported by a number of dark suits!Our Assistant Governor Emma Davis (Strathmore Club) attended and after removing her witches hat presented a detailed update on Polio Plus the news being mostly good but not entirely good, the fight continues against Polio Type 1. Types 2 & 3 having already been eradicated. Thank you Emma.

It was enjoyable to welcome a number of guests, friends of Bruce –Carol and Ross; friend of Ray -David and the support of a number of wives and partners, Pat, Sue, Janine, Lynette, Tracey, Frances and Laurie! All contributing in good spirit to our usual fellowship. Oh and Brother Harry won the Raffle – no joker selected however.I should comment on the high standard of the meal provided, which once again was plentiful and quite flavoursome.

So, all-in-all another great night meeting – the only distraction being a very successful “let’s surprise him and see if we can leave the President speechless”! Nicely done and greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all concerned,

Noel Sturgeon PHF