President’s Message 30 Oct 17

On Tuesday night there was a meeting with
Bruce, Marcia, Leigh Wallace and myself
investigating possibilities for membership
promotion. We have a few ideas which we
shall discuss further at the next board meeting.
One idea was to run a fortnightly barbecue on
Saturday mornings at Danahers from now until
Christmas, with the proceeds going to the
Exodus Community. This would give us an
opportunity to promote Rotary and to
demonstrate an example of benefits we
provide to the local community, rather than just
looking for a donation to charity. I had
previously spoken to David Voulgaris who is
the manager at Danahers. He indicated that
they would be very willing to assist, even to the
point of providing the barbecue and a shelter,
saving us the most difficult task which is
normally involved. I propose to meet with him
again to confirm some details. It appears that
all we would need to do is to provide the food
and manpower.
He advised that there are normally around 500
customers each Saturday so we would work on
that number. David even indicated that they
would provide goods for a raffle. We discussed
the possibility of seeking a Danahers Voucher
as the raffle prize, but I shall see what his
thoughts are. I anticipate that the barbecue
would run from 9.00 or 10.00 until 2.00.
I shall speak to Harry and if this looks to be
worth pursuing then I shall mention it to all on
Monday night so that we can look at hopefully
having not only our members but some of the
spouses or partners as well. This will be an
opportunity for us to promote Rotary Club of
Heidelberg and seeking new members.
Looking ahead, if it is successful then we could consider perhaps a
monthly barbecue in the New Year.
Please let me know your
thoughts. President Tony