President’s Message 27 Nov 17

At our AGM last week it was a great
pleasure to formally approve the
appointment of Noel Sturgeon as our
President-elect. Noel has already attended
the first of the President-elect training
seminars conducted by District and
appears enthusiastic to proceed. Whilst he
has been a member of our Club for a short
time, he has previous Rotary experience
as a member of other Clubs. He confirmed
that that Marcia Baron and Emma DeLuca
have accepted positions as Secretary and
Treasurer. It is wonderful to see some of
our newest members becoming so active
in our Club. Barbara Winter will remain as
chair of the New Generations Committee.
Other board positions will be filled over the
next few months.
Unfortunately we were unable to complete
the formalities for the AGM as we were yet
to receive a copy of the audited accounts.
Hopefully these will arrive within the next
few weeks.
As I mentioned at the AGM, Marcia has volunteered
to hold our Christmas gathering at her home on the
evening of Monday 18th December. The idea will be
for everyone to bring their partner, drinks
and a plate. In the meantime you will need
to exercise your vocal chords for our Christmas carols.
More details will follow over the next couple of weeks.
President Tony