President’s Message 23 Oct 17

The guest speaker who we had arranged for
today, namely Louise Milligan, has had to
withdraw due to work commitments. Hopefully
she will be able to attend in the not too distant
future. Fortunately we have a more than
capable replacement, Emma Di Luca who
will present a Rotarian Behind the Badge address.
How do you describe Rotary when you are
talking to a potential member or to somebody
who asks about your badge or you are going
for lunch on Monday? It is easy to start by
saying that it is a charity and
describing Polio Plus. We also need to be able to describe
some of the work our Club has done over
many years at various levels. An obvious
example is our long term involvement with the
ONJ Centre, and cooking snags at the fun run
etc. We have also been involved with the
Exodus Community and various other local
organisations including our recent meeting at
the RSL on Bell where we donated towards
their fundraising for the purchase of a
community bus. Every year we seek nominees
for the RYLA program and the
National Science Summer School. It is important to
make it clear that Rotary is also a lot of fun,
with a wide range of guest speakers every
week as well as social activities from time to
time. If you are talking to somebody who
expresses interest then invite them to one of our meetings as a guest so that they can see a
little of what Rotary is about.
It is incumbent upon us all to try to introduce
new members to our club. I challenge every one of you to bring a potential new
member along before Christmas.
President Tony