President’s Message 20 Nov 17

As we often say our best speakers come
from our own membership. Last week was
no exception as one of our newest
members Noel Sturgeon displayed
fascinating skills with the brush as he
showed us how to “Meditate via Asian Art’.
A few willing members tried to copy, but I
suspect that frustration was more the
result, rather than a calming influence.
Our RYLA candidate, Ahmed Ibrahim also
attended, introducing himself and told us
what he was hoping to achieve out of the
RYLA camp. What an impressive young man he was!
Peter Carr mentioned about a new
website. At this week’s AGM it will leave
enough time for him to guide us through
the site. Please give it some thought and if
you have some ideas for items which can
be added to keep it up to date please do so.
November is Rotary Foundation Month
and it is 100 years since outgoing Rotary
President Arch Klumph proposed setting
up an endowment “for the purpose of
doing good in the world”
### We are still looking for a couple of
extra helpers at the barbecue on
Sunday 19 November at the Malahang
Reserve. We are booked in from 11.30
till 1.00. Please call me if you can help.
President Tony