President’s Message 16 Oct 17

We have the name of another potential
new member currently being circulated to
all. Assuming this succeeds it means that
we will have inducted three members in
just over three months. A great start for the
year, but we all need to do a lot more.
Laurie Rose and I joined on the same day
in 1985 when there were over 60 members
(and women were not allowed!). We need
all members to actively address this issue
which is critical for the long term
survivorship of our club. At the board
meeting last Tuesday we canvassed the
idea of approaching the traders in the
Ivanhoe shopping centre. Clearly a door
knock would be a waste of time as many
traders simply could not give up the time
when we meet. We shall investigate those
who may be able to make it and look for
members to approach them. We also need
every member to consider their own
contacts and family members.
Our board meetings are of course open to
all members to attend. Our newest
member, Emma, took advantage of this
invitation and came along.
Tom Payne has very generously offered to
us the function room at the Sir Henry
Barkly Hotel at a discounted price on
Monday, 30 October between 6 PM and
7:30 PM. Please support Tom’s generosity
and bring your partner along. Why not also
consider that potential member?
President Tony