President’s Message 13th July 2020

The first departure of RCHS Endeavour, with a ship’s crew of 18 plus Admiral Bruce and Vice Admiral Emma, hopefully provided much frivolity for those aboard. Whether cruises in the current form continue is up to the Admiralty Board. It appeared that our Admiralty Board member Bruce was somewhat bemused by our format. Admiral Bruce presented to the ship’s crew the thoughts of the Admiralty for the remainder of the cruise and unlike the previous 115 cruises there was no pre-departure briefing of the ships’ executive as the pirate Covid the Black was making close quarter meetings too dangerous.
Due to Covid the Black’s resistance to being captured and thrown in the Brigg the Admirals core message was that of the well-being of the fleet and making sure the crew was kept happy in the service and further that there were no ships lost before we got into port in 12 months or that Covid was caught and punished and that we could get back to food, wine, debauchery, plundering the rich and in general enjoying the voyage.
So, with plundering and rum swilling not possible for some months to come (and further put into the realm of Davey Jones Locker by the decree of King Daniel yesterday) it becomes incumbent upon the ship’s crew to pull together and be true shipmates. Whilst the carrier pigeon Zoom is not my choice,she is a tool better than none to fulfil our mission-So,shipmates I look forward to your input at our next port,on 13thJuly at 1.00PM, as to how and what you see the voyage looking like for the period that Covid the Black is still at large and then upon his incarceration, how our voyage and the fleet can fulfill its mission.I will,in the next 24 hours,send the other carrier pigeon “email” to visit you all with some thoughts and questions to jog your rum addled brains as to what we need to consider to ensure we avoid any reefs, shoals and sandbars.
Finally,thank you to Jackie Chan the choirmaster for making an idiot of himself (yet again)in bringing the ships company to order (with a smile) and setting the tone of the meeting. Biscuit Cook (Captain)