Harry’s Houses

Work is progressing well on the house accommodation project in West Heidelberg, led by Br Harry Prout of the Exodus Community, and supported by the Rotary Club of Heidelberg. Work on the four properties has been continuing steadily with paid and volunteer workers.

Pending Certificates of Compliance from the plumber and electrician, we hope to have our first family move into their home this week. A great achievement!

Neil Wilson and Project Manager, Bill Anderson (Transbuild) have done a huge amount of generous work.

Two Kaboodle kitchens, donated by a contact of Noel Sturgeon, Rotary Club of Heidelberg, have been fitted and only tiling, electrical, gas fitting and some painting is required to complete those two kitchens.

A very competent migrant handyman from Heidelberg has laboured continuously and has completed many small tasks.

While working on one house, particularly with security, Home Maintenance worker, Tess Elliott has also helped teach skills to several women.

Preparation have been made for floor coverings – Neil Wilson contact.

Students from Marcellin College, Bulleen assisted in a work afternoon, sorting green waste from rubbish.

Several members of Heidelberg Rotary Club assisted in supplying a barbeque lunch for a group of volunteers who completed initial painting works on two properties.

Lyn, an Exodus volunteer has assisted with purchase and installation of blinds.

The services of Miles Real Estate have been secured to assist with tenancy arrangements. Those moving into the properties will have the experience of leasing and will have a leasing record when the occupancy time is up. Rent will be similar to that in Government Housing: $25% of Centrelink payments.

Tony Bowlen,  Rotary Club of Heidelberg, has been instrumental in securing some quality white goods and furniture from a deceased estate.

Other house appliances and furniture has been sourced ready for the needs of those who will move into the houses.

Video recording of works is being done courtesy of Melbourne Polytechnic where Greg Madigan is our contact.

Things still to be done include:

  • Completion of plumbing. We have a Grant for two hot water units.
  • Air Conditioner works on two properties and check/repair system on another. Some electrical work will need to be done for these.
  • Servicing of ducted heating systems in two houses seen to – awaiting gas connections.
  • Compliance certificates for plumbing and electrical work.
  • Maintenance of one driveway.
  • Completion of works in several bathrooms.
  • Some fencing.
  • Final cleaning of houses for occupancy.
  • Gardening by Powercor volunteers.

Our hope is that these houses will be come homes by the end of this month – at an average cost of just over $10k each, thanks to many generous donations.