Guest Speaker – 11 September 2017

Guest Speaker Judy O’Donohue
 of “Career Me Now” with Barbara Winter
Guest Speaker Judy O’Donohue of “Career Me Now” with Barbara Winter


Judy O’Donohue is the Director, Career Consultant and Careers Advisor at “Career Me Now”

Judy currently runs her own business, Career Me Now: helping young people find out about themselves, navigate the world of work and prepare for the future. As well as supporting career explorers change careers and find the way to a better life.

Judy Spent five years travelling around the world with her husband in a 42ft sloop and had two children on the way (crossing two oceans pregnant) and returned when her children were 1 and 3 years old and returned to work part time working with the long-term unemployed.


She has taken risks but always with a safety net – with a supportive partner. She has parachuted, static line, loves dancing, singing, running, yoga and took up surfing about ten years ago


She has had a number of career changes but one thing that has been constant is her work with people and her love of learning about new things. The future excites her!

Judy gave us an excellent presentation entitled “Future Careers for Young People” in which she provided a wealth of valuable information regarding current global impacts, future employment trends, employer expectations and what young people need to do to “get on”.   She also had advice on what we can do as parents and grandparents to help.


Judy’s own background, education and life experience make her an ideal Careers advisor and her enthusiasm for life and her positive attitude shone through.


Thank you Judy for an inspirational address.