COG 11/9/2017

Issue 2763
Monday 11th September 2017

Meets on Mondays
12.30pm for 1.00pm
Venue: Vasko Restaurant

Tony Bowlen
0425 736 578

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P.O. Box 300 Heidelberg VIC

District Governor
Bernie Bott
Rotary Club
Yarrawonga Mulwala

Rotary International
Ian Riseley Rotary Club of Sandringham

The official bulletin of the Rotary Club of Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia
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Editor: Bruce Nichols (pro tem)
Assistant Editor: Laurie Rose
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A Word from the President

“Last week I had the great pleasure of inducting two new members namely Noel Sturgeon and Emma Jane De Luca. Noel, a former member of the Rotary Club of Hawthorn, has been a regular attender over the last couple of months so most members would have had an opportunity to be introduced and to get to know him. He will join the International Service Committee. Emma Jane is Giuseppe's daughter and has attended several meetings. She will join the Vocational Service Committee. I encourage all members to get to know her and to make both of these new members feel welcome. I also encourage everyone to seek out people who may be candidates for membership.


At the last two meetings there have been only 12 or so in attendance. Whilst we do have a number of members away we do need to consider the position of Vasko's. It is unfair if they open for us especially, anticipating perhaps 20 coming along. If you know that you are not going to be able to attend please let us know.


As members may recall I have come back from 10 days in Bali. One thing that struck me (apart from the weather shock when we returned) was the unending courtesy of the local drivers. Not once did we hear a blasting car horn. Any time a driver wished to change lanes all to enter from a side street all they did was to indicate and then move slowly. Other drivers would let them in, sometimes with a soft “beep” from one or the other. What a contrast to our roads! If only our motorists would behave in the same fashion. Our road toll and the blood pressure of the drivers would undoubtedly be reduced substantially.”

President Tony

Club Calendar

September is New
Generations Month

11 September

TOPIC: Future Careers for Young People

SPEAKER: Judy O’Donohue

CHAIR: Barbara Winter

18 September

TOPIC: Stamps and Coins

SPEAKER: Tony Shields

CHAIR: Noel Sturgeon

25 September





Thought of the Week

I never think of the future.

It comes soon enough.

Albert Einstein


12 September: Board Meeting 6pm

17 September: The Olivia Newton-John Wellness Walk and Research Run

18 October: Noel Trevaskis OAM at Windy Hill



Gordon: Portland, Oregon, USA

Wayne and Doreen: Portugal

Laurie and Jane: Canada

David and Jan: Sri Lanka, Canada and Alaska

Geoff and Sandy: India, Croatia, then Amsterdam











Judy O’Donohue is the Director, Career Consultant and Careers Advisor at “Career Me Now”


She has a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Communications Majors) from Monash University; a Graduate Certificate in Careers Counselling from RMIT and a Cert IV in Assessment and Workplace training from Holmesglen Institute.


Judy has worked in a range industries and occupations:   Government, semi government, private:

Engineering, Defence, Victorian Railways, MFBB, Banking and Finance, Schools; In varied roles including admin support, sandwich hand, research officer, Recruitment Officer, Recruitment Consultant, Employment services Consultant, Careers Advisor. Has worked with the long term unemployed, with employers, with top executives and students.


She Currently runs her own business, Career Me Now: helping young people find out about themselves, navigate the world of work and prepare for the future. As well as supporting career explorers change careers and find the way to a better life.

Judy Spent five years travelling around the world with her husband in a 42ft sloop and had two children on the way (crossing two oceans pregnant) and returned when her children were 1 and 3 years old and returned to work part time working with the long-term unemployed.


She has taken risks but always with a safety net – with a supportive partner. She has parachuted, static line, loves dancing, singing, running, yoga and took up surfing about ten years ago


She has had a number of career changes but one thing that has been constant is her work with people and her love of learning about new things. The future excites her!