Changeover 6th July 2020

CAPTAIN COOK’S ENDEAVOURS came to fruition with a changeover at the helm, which didn’t surprise the officers, as a degree of unrest below decks had become evident, which together with the spread of corona scurvy, had made the second cruise of HMS Caviar challenging for all concerned as it headed unceremoniously towards the Old Heidelberg docks. Cook advised crew members that when he last commanded the Articles, Rules & Regulations were not as rigid as in the present era. However, his recent attendance at Admiralty House has provided much guidance, supported by more modern communication methods. As a consequence, Signalman First Class Nichols has surrendered his flags and pennants to Captains Clerk Balogh.
Despite the urging of Pirate Chairman Chan (also DJ & Entertainer) the retiring skipper avoided the indignity of walking the plank and by stepping aside graciously was elevated to Vice Captain, whilst Captain will speak with newer officers regarding the post of taking command for the 2021-2022 cruise. See a more detailed list of the new crew members assigned duties under Captain Cook elsewhere in this document.
Customs & Excise Comptroller of Treasury Accounts, J. Wright, is compiling a reckoning of HMS Caviar accounts as they relate to legal salvage & community plunder, as well as the Boards sanctioned disbursements during the 2019-2020 cruise. HMS Endeavour Sets Sail 6th July, year of our Lord 2020 -with DG Bruce Anderson and AG Emma Davis virtually aboard.