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Club Meets: MONDAYS 12:30 for 1:00pm
Vasko Restaurant
111 Upper Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe
Melways Ref: Map 31 E8
*Last Monday of the month:
6.00pm for 6.30pm Old England Hotel, Heidelberg

Presidents Message

President’s Message 2 Dec 19

Breaking News –It’s official Ken Norman is a mind reader! OR ……….APOLOGIES – It’s not true but -Apologies are the usual term for one to advise a host of their inability to accept an invitation or to attend a regular function.Unfortunately, we don’t see enough of them lately. RCH has a more relaxed approach to…

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President’s Message 18 Nov 19

Remembrance Day meeting was well attended and the presentation from Peter Stephenson proved educational and thought provoking (see separate report). It was also great to have Anousha, Gowri and Kevin in attendance as they get to know us and Rotary a little better. The Board met the following Tuesday evening, for what proved to be…

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President’s Message 11 Nov 19

FOCUS 19 As they say “turn up and you are half way there” ……Well -those members, family, friends, visiting Rotarians from Preston, Ivanhoe and a host of Rosanna members plus a potential new member or two, who turned up enjoyed a fun filled evening at the Rosanna Bowling Club for our Oaks Eve Dinner Meeting…

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President’s Message 6 Nov 19

FOCUS 18 The Old England Hotel wherein we created an Halloween Themed event focussed on one of Rotary’s most significant achievements – Polio Plus. The Club has donated $2,000.00 towards this ongoing global challenge. As we hosted such an event and made the above donation, a 3 to 1 matching donation, courtesy of the Bill…

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District Governor 9790/2016 Awarded PHF

District Governor of District 9790 for the Year 2015-2016 by President Noel Sturgeon I joined this club in 2017 when Tony Bowlen was President and Bernie Bott – with his black bull was DG. Had I gotten off my backside and joined in 2016 – Wayne Dunstan would have been President and Tony Bramley DG.…

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President’s Message 11 Dec 17

Last week Pete Henry came along to present us with a certificate acknowledging the help of the Rotary Club of Heidelberg with the number plate program. He was also apologetic for the fact that certificates had not been provided for our contributions over the last few years. When it transpired that our guest speaker was…

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President’s Message 27 Nov 17

At our AGM last week it was a great pleasure to formally approve the appointment of Noel Sturgeon as our President-elect. Noel has already attended the first of the President-elect training seminars conducted by District and appears enthusiastic to proceed. Whilst he has been a member of our Club for a short time, he has…

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President’s Message 20 Nov 17

As we often say our best speakers come from our own membership. Last week was no exception as one of our newest members Noel Sturgeon displayed fascinating skills with the brush as he showed us how to “Meditate via Asian Art’. A few willing members tried to copy, but I suspect that frustration was more…

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President’s Message 13 Nov 17

Once again the Calcutta was a fun night with lots of laughs and bonus dollars for the lucky winners whose details are inside. Thank you once again to Kent, Wayne and Neil Wilson for their efforts in organising the night and to Smokey for his time on the floor somehow squeezing extra bids out of…

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President’s Message 30 Oct 17

On Tuesday night there was a meeting with Bruce, Marcia, Leigh Wallace and myself investigating possibilities for membership promotion. We have a few ideas which we shall discuss further at the next board meeting. One idea was to run a fortnightly barbecue on Saturday mornings at Danahers from now until Christmas, with the proceeds going…

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